Access Control. (Biometric / HID Cards)

ATS has an extensive network of distributor and expert installers. This mature technology increases comfort and safety. We bring tranquility, confidence and experience. ATS is a pioneer and the undisputed reference in the field of Biometrics.

Your need for security is our priority, before proposing a solution, we are attentive to your needs. With the integration of several certified products, such as alarm and access control systems, we offer you the best solution for your business security needs.

- Access Control (In a standalone mode or in a Network)
- Time Management
- Work stations security
- Clients Follow-up (Loyalty or Membership cards)
- Authenticating the bearer of a document or card
- Demonetize payments (Stations or Leisure's)
- Control of vehicles (parameter, profile configuration and Traceability) 


Biometrics is the measurement of life. Every living thing is unique and can be identified with accuracy. Biometrics, advantageously can replace a card, key or an key code to access data from a workstation.

Income Security

Biometrics ensures the identity of an individual to authenticate who is le legitimate holder of an identification card, when other technologies can not guarantee the identity of the user code or the holder of the PIN key or a badge.

Increased Comfort

Without the fear of forgetting a key ring, a badge or to search for the right one, makes the user more comfortable in the confines of akey ring or identification card. These are not very clear yet, but with biometrics you are the password..

Profit Gains

No more keys or ID cards, to create a new employee, to change an existent one, for shift changes or for the lost of original keys or cards. These utensils are paperless access: if "allowed" when you have "access".

Gain Management Flexibility

Like a badge, the advantage of biometric data in the set of keys to allow access to custom settings in different rooms and spaces of time (adjustable profiles settings in real time) while benefiting from the ID card authenticates your identity.

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