Eco-Driving Personalized Training.

We are a specialized training center, in the context of eco-driving for aspiring drivers and working drivers. Not only do we train students , but also the trainer. We built our reputation in all our skills and develop personalized courses custom to your company's business values, norms and rules. Together we can build a cleaner and safer concept for the world of tomorrow.

The main elements of our training, are to evaluate where a the faults so we can establish a first contact with your employees, so that in a form we can deliver an adequate, professional, and a motivating training. Andino Distribution Inc. maintains its teaching program up to date in conjunction with the Canadian Government organization called Fleet-Smart (Ministry of the Environment).     

Being a Canadian company, established  in Chile, we are proud to be able to give you all the proper support for the success and growth of your company in a favourable climate.

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