Intranet Networking (Cabled / Wireless)

An intranet is a private network that the internet used as basic technology architecture. An internal network is constructed using the TCP/IP for internet communication, which can run on many hardware platforms and cable projects.

The underlining hardware is not what builds an intranet, what matters are the protocols of the software. The intranet technology can coexist with  other local area network. In many companies, " Legacy Systems" available that includes mainframes, Novell Networks, Mini Computers and more databases are being  integrates into an intranet.

A wide variety of tools allows this to happen. The script for the Common Gateway interface (CGI) is often used to access databases from an intranet heritage. The Java programming language can also  be used to access databases assets.


With the enormous growth of the internet, a large number of people in business, use the internet to communicate with the outside world, to gather information and to do business.

People did not take long to recognize that the components work so well on the internet, would be just as valuable  within their companies and that is the same reason why the intranets are becoming so popular. Some corporations do not have TCP/IP, the protocol requires to access internet resources.

Create an intranet in which all information and resources can be used without interruption has many benefits. Network based on TCP/IP facilitates peoples access to the network remotely, from home or while traveling. Contact an intranet in this way is very similar to connect to the internet. The internal operability between networks is another substantial supplement.

Separate security systems internet and intranet. The company's internal network is protected by firewalls; Hardware and Software combinations, that allows only certain people access it for specific purposes. It can be used for anything for which existing networks are used. The facility that has made to publish information on the WEB, have come more used to send information such as company news and company procedures. The enterprise database with a single processor use the WEB and simple languages programming like JAVA.

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